A Meaningless Life

by Dalia Dargazli

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Driven by melody, harmony, and noise, the notion of "meaning" is challenged through this EP.


released March 8, 2019

Mixed & Mastered by MH Studios


all rights reserved



Dalia Dargazli Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: The atmosphere in my head is brought to sound..
I saw what you did there tree
You moved all your branches for me
and now I vow to be here for you
Let your tears fall

For you

Hey (hi, hello)
My love is sprouting endlessly
You gave the sun that I need
With water and some whispered love too
What can I give you?

For you

Hiya (HEY)
I’m sure you’ve seen a million faces
Well do you remember mine?
It’s fine, the site of yours is one of a kind.
I’m glad I have met you
Track Name: Baby Big Rip (NOT CLICK BAIT)

fills my chest as I begin to attempt to express myself.
This of which I’ve never really done;
to hit record, to sit in front of a mic and talk about whats wrong and whats right in my thoughts.


thats life, peaceful and sad.
What else is life?
it’s to touch, to breathe, to feel, to move, to live is life.
It’s a gift, it’s not
life is undefined, pointless and great.
Misery loves company, and misery seeks thoughts.
Company should be tribal, but it’s not,
And love, is as far as you see it to be.
Track Name: I wanna be an evergrowing plant, pt. 2
Life a flower decomposing,
it feels like I’m dying
boneless, heaving
it feels like
it feels like

And by all means, I know you’d like to think us
cool kids skip school and do drugs but
you like to assume we do it a lot
My favourite feelings being blinded by the sun.
I wish I can fly, and be blinded by

Track Name: Life is Beautiful
Take a look at what’s right
then take a look to your left
realize I’m not good
No more serenity
birds can’t chirp loud enough
deaf ears numbing grass stains can’t stain dark enough
worn bodies too cold to shelter in
burry me in flowers
Silence me to listen carefully
Do you hear it?
The sound that once brought me peace is brought to you
let me hear your smile teeth shine bright enough to blind me like the sun
hurt me like the sun
so beautiful and warm
Take my eyes like the sun would
so beautiful and bright
yellow yellow
happiness happiness help me find it
I’ll help you find it
take my heat
leave me on the floor use my body as your blanket let me keep you warm
please stay alive
stay with me
I’ll find happiness once you do
please find happiness I want to
Help me breathe
let me hear you breathe
take my lungs

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